France's new Internet association


Iris stands for Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire, "Let's Imagine Solidarity on the Internet"

Founded on October 4th, 1997, in Paris, during a constituent assembly, Iris is intended to promote the development of the Internet towards greater equality, solidarity and sharing.

Iris' primary goals include:

  • action in favor of the development of a public service infrastructure permanent networking for everyone
  • freedom of creation and distribution of materials for everyone, regardless of any intermediaries
  • promotion of the viability of non-commercial sectors on the Internet


For Iris' executive committee:
Sébastien Canevet,
Meryem Marzouki,


Phone/Fax: +33 (0) 1 47 03 52 64 (Iris-contact,

Press Contact: François Archimbaud (

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